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Posted On : 01 Sep 2017
is inj rabipur nedded in rat bite cases
Expert Answer :
Rat bites may be contaminated with Streptobacillus moniliformis or Spirillum minus. Symptoms of Rat Bite Fever may appear as much as 10 days after the bite, and are likely to happen after the wound itself is already healed. Watch for: Fever, Headache, vomiting and pain in the back and joints.
Rabies transmission from rodents to humans is extremely rare and hence Rabies Vaccine is not required.
Answer Discussion :
ekesh chandra
no not need
4 years ago
salam tuamma
yes needed
4 years ago
Kaushik Kishore
In case of wild rat yes and in case of domestic rat no
4 years ago
Robert C Flores
no, not needed
4 years ago
Not needed
4 years ago

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