Diagnostic Dilemma

Fever and anemia

A 6 month old girl born of non-consanguineous marriage, resident of Punjab {Northern India}, presented with fever for 2 days and severe anemia {HB-3gm, dl}. She was transfused one unit of blood following which the anemia improved. On exam, spleen and liver were enlarged 2cm and 3.5 cm respectively. Patient had an episode of spontaneous epistaxis which was managed by anterior nasal packing. There were no petechiae over the nail beds or skin. Prior to this, she was admitted for 6 days in the hospital for pneumonia which responded successfully to antibiotics. Other Systemic examination was normal.
Lab Reports revealed:
• WBC- 6.11 {Lymphocytes- 53.9 percent, Monocytes- 0.6 percent}
• Platelets {on admission} - 40,000, Platelets after transfusion- 82,000
• RBC- 3.61
• HB-10.8gm, dl
• Malarial Parasite- Negative
• Corrected Reticulocyte count - 0.01

What is the likely diagnosis_?
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neeraj gupta
hemolytic anemia
14 years ago
L Cissecash
14 years ago

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