Diagnostic Dilemma

Infantile ascitis

A 3 months old male presented by progressing abdominal distension with no fever. There is oliguria and decreased oral intake. Examination revealed general condition good with stable vital signs and afebrile. Systemic examination shows moderate ascites with slight firm hepatomegaly 2 cm below costal margin. Investigations show mild hypoalbuminemia with normal total protein. There is normocytic normochromic anemia. Immunoglobulin levels are normal. Marked increase in Lipase level. Echocardiography shows mild percardial effusion. CTabdomen without contrast shows no abnormalities. Renal function within normal level. Liver function is normal. PT,APTT are normal.

What is the diagnosis_?
Answer Discussion :
soad awadca
pancreatic ascites
13 years ago
raj mohanca
protein losing enteropathy
13 years ago

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