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Posted On : 28 Nov 2018
My 13 month old female child 5.8kg wt, a product of non consengenious merrage delivered FTLSCS baby CIAB. Baby was IUGR 2kg weight reguired NICU admission on day 5 for Hyperbili , bilirubin ind 14, CRP negative. At the age of 3 month Babys mother had gone through LT Breast surgery for breast abscess. Baby had given Lactogen along with Bf by Rt breast, but baby had refused top feeds. Rigrt now baby is not atol takeing weaning foods and demanding for BF only and she not gainig weight. Milestones are perfectly normal . Family history is normal, I have suffred from Kochs 5yr back and taken completed treatment. In infancy she had suffered from 3 episods of URTI and one episodof LRTI I have gone throuhg investigations Hb11, TLC 11200, DLcP25, L75, E0, M0. CRP negative. Mx test done negative. Mx repeated on other hand after 3 month came 10 by 10 positive. Baby is not having continious fever. Why baby is not gaining weight_? whether Mx came positive due to boosster phenomanon_?
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What TU unit was the mantoux given_? Was it 5 or 10 TU. If given with 10TU, then ignore the result. Also if the child has received BCG vaccine, that can also give MT result of 10mm. Thus one may not take this as positive MT in such situation.
The baby`s weight is very less. She needs to be assessed for the failure to thrive. Get her examined by a pediatrician to see what is the reason. It is not possible to comment further without having a look at the child.
Answer Discussion :
exclusive breast feeding beyond 6months age, and IUGR baby catching normal growth at 24 months of age,
2 years ago
danakhader khader
should r/o immunodeficiency dz
2 years ago
It’s due to medicine interaction in breast ilk
2 years ago

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