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Posted On : 23 Jul 2018
my son is 26 months old and is recently diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome since last 3 weeks,he is on steroids at 2mg, kg,and they have asked to take steroids till total 6 weeks,he had uti which was treated,since past 4-5 days his tummy looks distended,he is now in remission since past 1 week,and there is no ascitis clinically,but still looks like gaseous distension with some visible veins.kindly advise
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It seems to me that your son has been well treated, according to the present international guidelines. His tummy should be ok within a few days. The days on steroids are necessary but are sometimes a source of worries in the parents.

Best wishes.
Jean-Pierre Guignard
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pradnya paikrao
1 year ago
drahmed fawzy
Abdominal Ultrasongraphy
1 year ago
akram baloch
Need septic work up and serum albumin level
1 year ago
Austin Ngoma
1 year ago
zohdi alhanouty
Steroids can cause electrolyte disturbances and this can lead to distention
1 year ago

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