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Posted On : 04 Jul 2019
Should all fever with chills and rigors be treated on presumptive line and treated with Chloroquine or we should wait for confirmation with peripheral smear for plasmodium?
Expert Answer :
Ideally one should document malaria before using antimalarials. However in case of high clinical suspicion in an endemic area, one can use Chloroquine on clinical basis. All other antimalarials should only be used it the blood has shown malarial parasites.
Answer Discussion :
Sweety N Jain
Clinically assess the patient & r/o other causes of fever with rigors like pyogenic focus.. investigate according to endemicity & prevalence & then start rx rather than presumptive rx
2 years ago
Sudhakar Mudkhedkar
do not wait.
2 years ago
kalyan kolusu
No we should wait for smear
2 years ago
Munjeda Ali
We must wait till result
2 years ago
shahid iqbal
no..we must rule out other causes of fever with rigors and tonsillitis.pneumonia uti abcess influenza history and thorugh exam
2 years ago

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