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Posted On : 11 Jul 2019
A 2 yr old male child presenting with some hesitation on micturition. urine culture, sensitivity report says E.coli count MORE THAN 100000. Is it justified to start two sensitive antibiotics of different groups. What other investigations are required?
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No, only one antibiotic should suffice. Get a urine routine done and also an ultrasound of the kidneys. Once the child is well, an MCU and DMSA scan will be required.
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USG abdomen and cue
1 year ago
suhas kulkarni
No need to start 2 antibiotics.Only one antibiotic can be given for 10-14 days.Repeat urine the follow up.if second UTI occurs do USG abdomen, MCU to rule out reflux.If second culture come positive give Injectable antibiotics.Before all these things collection of urine sample has to be supervised.
1 year ago
dr.samir brahmbhatt
urine culture, USG kub
1 year ago
Deepthi Rayi
One antibiotic at adequate dose and good compliance is enough
1 year ago

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