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Posted On : 12 Jul 2017


A 12yr old, male, asymptomatic child was brought for counseling.He was diagnosed as having SICKLE CELL ANEMIA.Growth andlab parameters normal.Shall we have to immunize with PNEUMO VAC_?{TYPEandDOSES ,pl. inform.}
Role of FOLICACID, supplimentation, in these children ,how long to be given_?

Thanking you.

Expert Answer :
Yes a child with sickle cell anemia has autosplenectomy and hence requires pneumococcal vaccine as well as meningococcal vaccine, Hib vaccine and hepatitis B vaccine. In this child since the child is 12 years, one may give 23 valent pneumococcal vaccine. Folic acid supplement is required as there is increased cell turn over.
Answer Discussion :
Ray Pjt
2 doses of Pneumovax and Folic Acid to improve Hb
4 years ago
elaine hanks
Pneumovax 13, X2 then 23. Folic acid 400 mcg daily.
4 years ago
salma faroug
we should vaccine , folic acid and omg h3 help improve hemoglobin
4 years ago
Orlando Diaz-that is a joke, right? Autism has increased, or the DIAGNOSIS of autism has increased? When I was a kid, some kids were odd or weird. Now they carry a diagnosis.
4 years ago
Orlando Diaz
I guess vaccines will end up destroying our kids. Too many of them. No wonder autism has increased from 1:10000 in 1980 to 1:68 2015.
4 years ago

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