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Posted On : 22 Oct 2023
The female baby presented with diarrhea in 1st week of life and a loss of weight of about 1 kg in 1.5 months. The baby was admitted to Nicu on the 3rd day of life
stool analysis revealed rbcs plus-plus pus cell plus plus heavy undigested food material plus E histolotica cyst plus yeast cell reducing substance in stool was positive and stool ph 9.5 crp was 24 CBC was normal. Stool sodium 43 meq, l stool chloride 32meq, l serum Na, K, Cl, Ca normal. serum creatinine, urea normal. IgE total 157.8 very high milk protein allergy was suggested and the baby now goes on neonate milk formula amino acid-based formula. What is opinion?
Expert Answer :
Since E.histolytica was present in stool {unusual for a newborn}, rule out amoebiasis. See whether Metronidazole helped. Was the child on breast milk or top milk_? Unusual to be milk protein allergy.
Answer Discussion :
Nisha Dolas
Baby was possibly on bottle feeding with least hygienic conditions leading to diarrhoea with E.H & yeasts, etc leading to other complications like weight loss, etc.
8 months ago
Kashan Khan
segested boiled water and hygenic environment.start R/L to regulate balce electrolytes.

8 months ago
need to rule out various congenital enteropathies. like immunodysregulation polyendocrinopathy enteropathy x-linked syndrome, autoimmune enteropathy, intestinal epithelial dysplasia, brush border disaccharidase deficiencies, microvillous inclusion disease, and membrane channel/carrier protein defects. in this case microvillous inclusion disease is likley.
8 months ago
abdo farea
milk allergy
8 months ago

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