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One way of taking care of refractive errors is to use contact lenses that are worn directly on the front of the eye. There are 3 types of lenses available: hard lens, semi-soft lens, and soft lenses. Soft lenses are extremely malleable and mold according to the curvature of the cornea. Thus they are more comfortable, can be worn for a prolonged time up to 8-10 hours. A hard lens has a fixed curvature and thus does not change shape. They are less comfortable and can be worn for 6 hours. They are less expensive as compared to soft lenses. Now newer lenses are also available such as extended wear lenses that can be worn for 10-12 hours, a disposable lens that is worn once and then thrown away as well as lenses that be worn continuously in the eye for a week too.

What are the problems that can occur with the contact lens?

Improper cleaning of the lens can lead to an eye infection. Sometimes the lens may move away from the cornea and over the white part of the eye and thus may be difficult to move back or remove. Regular contact lenses usually get worn out after 6 months - 2 years and need to be changed accordingly. Prolonged use of contact lenses over a period of years can lead to the development of furuncles over the conjunctiva.

How should contact lenses be inserted and removed in a child?

Before handling a contact lens, always wash, rinse, and dry your hands thoroughly. Remove the lens from its case or bottle and rinse it with saline or rinsing solution. Keep the child lying down securely. Take the help of another adult if needed. Place the contact lens on tip of your index finger. Pull the lower eyelid down with the hand holding the lens and slide the legs up under the upper lid with your index finger. Once the lens is completely under the lids, rub the upper lid over the eye to get it into proper position.

To remove the lens, place either thumb or index finger of your left and right hand on the upper and lower lids very close to their edges. Press both lids against the surface of the eye and slide them towards each other. The lens should pop out.

How should contact lens be taken care of?

Contact lenses should be removed for cleaning and disinfection regularly (daily for regular lenses, weekly for the weekly lenses). The lens should be thoroughly cleaned with a cleaning solution and then placed in case or bottle with the solution so that the lens lies completely in the solution. Remember, always to wash, rinse, and dry hands well before handling a contact lens.

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