Eye Injuries

Jayesh N Doctor
Ophthalmic Surgeon, Doctor Eye Institute, Mumbai, India
First Created: 01/04/2001  Last Updated: 08/01/2015

Patient Education

Unexpected eye injuries can occur at any time with blunt as well as sharp objects.

Blunt injuries can occur with a rubber ball, plastic ball, tennis ball, or with a hand or any other object. A direct hit on the eye can cause hematoma of the lids (black eyes), subconjunctival hemorrhage depending on the force of the injury. Rarely if the injury is very forceful blood can get collected in the anterior chamber of the eye (hyphaema) or a vitreous hemorrhage can occur. Occasionally, an injury may result in retinal detachment.

Sharp injuries can happen with objects like pencil, pen, knife, long fingernails, bow, and arrow or any other similar object. Injuries may be superficial or deep. In superficial injuries, there may be corneal aberrations, which can be treated by antibiotic drops installation and patching of the eye. Deep injuries can prove serious as it may lead to perforation of the eyeball. In such cases, hospitalization is a must and surgery may be performed depending on which structure is affected. If the eyelids are cut through, it will need alignment of the lids with the repair of ocular tissues. Other structures of the eye like sclera, cornea, lens, etc. may also be affected, which have to be treated by surgery and IOL implantation.

Rarely one may face an intraocular foreign body. An air gun pellet or a wooden stick or a steel particle may enter the eye, which will need localization and removal. Localization may require X-Ray and sonography.

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