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Expert Opinion
Q. How common are Crohn`s disease and ulcerative colitis in Indian children?
Post Date : 25 Feb 2024
Expert Opinion:
A study from CMC Vellore has detected IBD in 34 children in 8 years. So it is not very common.

Q. After vaccination with Pentavac infant had erythema and induration at the site. What treatment we should give?
Post Date : 18 Feb 2024
Expert Opinion:
Give atarax and paracetamol.

Q. After a typhoid infection, how many weeks, or months can we give a vaccine?
Post Date : 11 Feb 2024
Expert Opinion:
After 4 weeks we can give a vaccine.

Q. I have a newborn delivered at term per GA, with no issues, his antenatal scan showed prominent later.......
Post Date : 04 Feb 2024
Expert Opinion:
Asymmetrical slight enlargement of lateral ventricles is a normal variant in most cases, although children with this finding are thought to show soft neurological signs and may have a higher incidence of trisomy = hence we do worry antenatally. Postnatally if the baby is NOT dysmorphic = just regular follow-up is ok and nothing else needs to be done.

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