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Expert Opinion
Q. An 8-year-old boy came with a complaint of a pungent smell of urine and increased pigmentation of the skin on exposure to sunlight.his urine c, s and r, e M, E id normal. what could be the possible cause?
Post Date : 26 May 2024
Expert Opinion:
Rule out porphyria cause.

Q. I have a patient 14-year-old, 34 kg with a history of undocumented fever for 3-4 days, then he becam.......
Post Date : 19 May 2024
Expert Opinion:
Get a child psychologist to examine and also a thorough neurological examination to look for motor aphasia.

Q. 5 year old child presented with biphasic fever 3 days apart after the initial phase child developed .......
Post Date : 12 May 2024
Expert Opinion:
Rule out infectious mononucleosis, dengue, or other viral fevers.

Q. I have seen many cases of measles at the age of 7 months, the measles vaccine is given at the age of 9 months. Can the vaccine be given at an early age, say at 7 months?
Post Date : 05 May 2024
Expert Opinion:
Giving Measles vaccine at 9 months also 15 percent of infants do not seroconvert. If we give vaccine early chances of vaccine failure increases. In an epidemic situation, one can give the vaccine to infants between 6 to 9 months. All these children should receive one more dose of the Measles vaccine after 9 months of age or MMR at 12 months to protect those children who have not been seroconverted.

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