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Posted On : 13 Mar 2017
24 days old baby, 2nd by birth order, born of nonconsanguionus marriage, hailing from pune was admitted with h, o fever of 1 day, and irritability. fever subsided on D8 of admission. he was given antibiotics. death of elder sibling {female child} at 3 months of age _? d, t sepsis. on examination he was febrile, vitals stable, mild icterus, liver span 6cm rt lobe and 4 cm left lobe, spleen 2 cm. Other S.E. was WNL. On D3 of admission he was noticed to have progressive icterus. and abdominal distention-tense ascitis. His WBC -7000, Hb 10,plaelets 10000, SGPT 180, GGT 187, ALP 87. Direct hyperbilirubinemia, deranged PT, PTT, Protein 3.1, Albumin 2.1, Ascitic fluid exudative type. Bone marrow report awaited.
HIV, VDRL and HBsAg in mother negative
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No metion of blood sugar anywhere - was the baby hypoglycaemic at presentation or at any time. This baby will need G6PD and metabolic screening in the form of IEM screening.
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