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Posted On : 12 Mar 2023
2nd dose of Hep A was missed and realized after 3 years. What is the next thing to do? Up to what age are 720 units sufficient and at what age onwards do we need to give 1440 units?
Expert Answer :
HEP-A vaccine is always given in Prime-Boost Schedule viz priming dose on day 0 and the booster after 6 months, The longer the interval better will be the boosting effect. However, the risk of the Vaccinee suffering from Viral Hepatitis is greater in the 'window period', If this child has d so far the booster dose can now be given after 3 years also. You need not repeat the priming dose now.720 units formulation is recommended for up to 18 years of age by the manufacturer.
Answer Discussion :
Muhammad Zeeshan
No need to restart. Your body has already made memory cells of the first dose. Give the second dose ASAP and then the third dose.
1 year ago
Thomas Checkley
No need to restart according to the CDC.
1 year ago
Seblewongel Kassa
start anew schedule
1 year ago
abdalatif ragab
This vaccine is not included in our programe here in libya.
1 year ago
Lorraine Bernadette
complete the dose. no need to restart
1 year ago

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