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Posted On : 26 Mar 2023
What are the simple clinical criteria for FTT? Is there any age relation for diagnosis of FTT?
Expert Answer :
FTT is best defined as inadequate physical growth diagnosed by observation of growth over time using a standard growth chart. While definitions of FTT have varied, most practitioners diagnose FTT when a child`s weight for age falls below the fifth percentile of the standard growth chart or if it falls two major percentile lines.
Answer Discussion :
rayi kurnia
if weight increment < 5th percentile based on the WHO weight increments table divided by age and sex
1 year ago
Mamoon Bilal
I don't know
1 year ago
Karam Prasad
usually refers to weight below 3rd or 5th centile, failure to gain weight over a period of time or change in the rate of growth that has crossed two major centile over a period of time. term used for infants and children upto 5 years of age.
1 year ago
Umm AbdurRahman
not gaining weight but has good appetite.
0months - 2years

1 year ago
Ifrah Hussein
fail to gain weight or height
1 year ago

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