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Posted On : 13 Jan 2022
Should we give inhaled corticosteroids to a child who has frequent wheezing sometimes with fever and sometimes without fever? No other allergic symptoms and no family history of allergy.
Expert Answer :
No, unless you have a strong suspicion of asthma. Rule out GER and sinusitis.
Answer Discussion :
hamza khamiseh
No need , enough to give short salbutamol
5 months ago
Sümeye Özlen
If there is no other things I can give it but for a short time
5 months ago
Anna Jackson
short term
5 months ago
Hanan Omer
Yes you give the pt inhaled corticosteroid
5 months ago
mohd othman
Be sure first no H, /O chocking or FB aspiration and then can give short course
5 months ago

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