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Posted On : 10 Dec 2018
A 15 year old boy , a known case of hereditary spherocytosis presented with polyarthritis involving both ankles and right knee. His uric acid level is 7mg Is he to be treated as gout_?.Does the increased turnover of nucleated RBC precursers in hemolytic anaemia producea risk of hyperuricemia_?
Expert Answer :
Theoretically yes but in practical terms have not seen in my clinical experience. In fact the increased membrane turn over and turn over of `lipids and cholesterol predisposes patient to Heart disease at younger age group. Parvovirus can present in a similar way` do look for it. Also it may be unrelated.
Answer Discussion :
Alok Kumar
yesincreased hb precursor actually leads to hyperuricemua
2 years ago
DrArbab khan
Yes hyperurecemia lead to gout
2 years ago
George M
the rusk of hyperuricemia is mild
2 years ago

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