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Posted On : 15 Apr 2016
A child 3 years has pallorand and gen ana sarca ,his Hb is 5 gm and serum proteins Albumin 3.99 gm ,globulin almost normal.Bl urea ,creatinine normal.I want to give packed cells ,can I give whole blood so child will get Albumin also
Expert Answer :
if the cause of child`s anemia is IDA or B12 , folate deficiency this child needs NO Tx.
In case there is an indication for Tx then the choice of product should be Packed Cells. As child has anasarca there is a risk of volume overload with Whole Blood.
There is no need for Albumin as childs serum Albumin is normal.
Whole Blood will not provide adequate Albumin and should not be used for supplementation for albumin.
The ideal product to be used in case of hypoalbuminaemia is Serum Albumin as it is a virus inactivated product and there is an advantage of lesser volume.
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