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Posted On : 11 Nov 2017
A girl 14 years is having jaundice 3 mg , dl,her sgpt is 70 sgot is 67.PT is 16 second.She is also having ana sarca .her Albumin is 2.9 gm and globulin is 3 grams .Her mother says she is pt of chronic malnutrition ,has always looked puffy.Has had hepatitis 4 times in last 2 years.I gave tab lasilactone,ana sarca disappeared,for long term management should I give Albumin infusion_?how to elevate her albumin_?Does not take protein biscuits,powder etc
Expert Answer :
This seems to be chronic liver disease. Rule out portal hypertension and screen her for wilson`s disease and autoimmune hepatitis. Regarding the albumin, first ensure a normal protein intake in the child. Most of these children are poor eaters and do not eat properly. Albumin may be risky as it may precipitate hepatic encephalopathy. There is no need for protein bscuits or powder, just ensure normal protein intake.
Answer Discussion :
Pt having cld as evident from biochemical report and anasarca. Treatment according to protocol of cld but immediate strategy is to infuse albumin
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Piers Wilski
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