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Posted On : 14 Feb 2018
B.C.G. vaccination induced axillary lymphadinitis{confirmed by biopsy} . how long ATT and what drugs should be given_?
Expert Answer :
Two forms of BCG lymphadenitis can be recognised in its natural course—simple or non-suppurative lymphadenitis, which usually regresses spontaneously over a period of few weeks, and suppurative BCG lymphadenitis distinguished by the development of fluctuations in the swelling, with erythema and oedema of overlying skin. Non-suppurative BCG lymphadenitis is best managed with expectant follow ups only, because medical treatment with Erythromycin or antituberculous drugs do not hasten the regression or prevent development of suppuration. Suppurative BCG lymphadenitis may be treated by needle aspiration to hasten resolution and prevent spontaneous perforation and sinus formation as well as ATT though role of ATT is controversial. Treatment may be in form of INH and Rifampicin for 6 months .
Answer Discussion :
Asmahan Atta
RFINA for 3month
4 years ago
Nalaka Imbulana
INAH should be given for 6 months
4 years ago

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