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Posted On : 23 Jun 2024
Can the Rotavirus Vaccine and OPV be given simultaneously?
Expert Answer :
YES. Concomitant administration of both the Oral Gut Vaccines viz. Rota and OPV will not interfere with the immunogenicity of either vaccine.
Answer Discussion :
Mahmood Sadiq
Yes can be given
Iraqi vaccine schedule contains both vaccine which is given simultaneously and off course reviewed by WHO

21 Days ago
byju sukumarangeetha
can be given
21 Days ago
Sayenna Uduman
Yes Rotavirus vaccine (RVV) can be safely co-administered with OPV , given during the same doctor's visit along with DTaP, Hib vaccine, HBV vaccine, and conjugated Pneumo Vaccines.
Studies have shown that co-administration of RVV with these vaccines does not interfere with seroprotection rates or the overall effectiveness of the vaccines.
This makes it convenient for caregivers and healthcare providers to ensure children receive comprehensive immunization coverage in a single visit.

21 Days ago
Nihal Peeris
Yes both are live vaccine no issues
21 Days ago
Gladys Yonah
no. because they're both live
22 Days ago

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