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Posted On : 03 May 2017
i have a 7 month old boy presented with h, o fever 3 days then followed by frank GTC convulsion on day 3 .o, e there were exagerated reflexes with neck stiffnessplus . brudzinski first DD was meningitis hence i did a CSF Examination which only showed slightly reduced Glucose {36 - corresponding BSL 82}whereas other reports were pro-44 tc-2 . on blood investigations there was neutrophillic leukocytosis with TC 39200 .there was no septic focus found anywhere in brain,chest or abdomen.after 2 days of iv antibiotics total count reduced to 30000.there is no shift in wbc count nor there are toxic cells or any type of abnormal cells{ leukamoid rection}.
Expert Answer :
Since there was low sugar in CSF, one should still consider an infection in the CNS. Get a neuroimaging done. Also what is the blood culture_?
Answer Discussion :
mohamed samy
4 years ago
Mudita arora
4 years ago
saravanan pal
treat on the basis of meningitis. one has to wait for csf culture .
Ct scan needed. the clinical condition of baby sensorium and behaviour is important. repeat csf analysis can be done after 48h

4 years ago
gamal El Fayomy
Bacterial meningitis
4 years ago
mohamed naveed
Meningitis , probably bacterial
4 years ago

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