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Posted On : 21 Aug 2022
If in a case of snake bite inradermal antivenom sensitivtiy is found positive what should be the next step should we give anti snake venom?
Expert Answer :
It should be given under steroid cover.
Answer Discussion :
Rituraj Shastri
yes, in case of signs of envenomation, diluted ,slow with steroid.
1 year ago
Nermeen John
give diluted under cover of steroid
1 year ago
Dr. Sandeep Raina
first, intradermal test dose is not given.
2nd, if positive, ASV is to be diluted with increasing dilutions and then given

1 year ago
Vijendra Chaturvedi
It's not advised to do intra dermal sensitisation. never do it
1 year ago
yes it should be given desensitisation, practice of administration gradually increasing the dose ...
1 year ago

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