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Posted On : 28 Aug 2022
A child of 7 years, female is being seen persistently for the last 6 months due to lower airway symptoms, ie cough, wheezing, tachypnea. Each episode starts with mild Upper respiratory tract infection symptoms ie sore throat, rhinitis, etc, and rapidly involves the lower airway. The episode responds to nebulization and oral antibiotics, and oral bronchodilators.
The child has no previous history of bronchiolitis or any other allergic symptoms except the seasonal episodes of URTI responding to over-the-counter medicine. The family history is also normal.
The severity of involvement of the Lower respiratory tract has increased recently ie the past 5-6 months.
Could it be an episode of Hyper reactive airways disease or a sign of any impending serious disease? No investigation has been done so far as she has been responding to treatment quickly.
Expert Answer :
Consider persistent asthma.
Answer Discussion :
saravanan pal
Spirometer or PEFR can be done to prove hrad
saravanan pal
If weight is appropriate it is not serious.
Previous seasonal accentuation is suggestive of allergic rhinitis. Can be considered as asthma if symptoms are prolonged.

Dr. Sandeep Raina
cystic fibrosis needs to be ruled out. If CF is ruled out , then the child can be labelled as Asthma
Ishraga Kareem
Hyper reactive air way
Nadia Peters
intrinsic asthma triggered by urti

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