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Posted On : 06 Feb 2020
If there is no fever present, what is the catching point to diagnose enteric fever, malaria fever, dengue fever, viral fever in the initial stages of the first 2-3 days?
Expert Answer :
Fever should be one of the features. However dengue can present as isolated liver disease. Viral fever may come with bodyache, myalgia and cold or diarrhea. Enteric fever and malaria have predominantly fever.
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Gawdut Yahya Taher
Ag Ab reagent..
5 months ago
Sana Ashraf
Poor oral intake
5 months ago
James Harris
diarrhea and lethargy
6 months ago
shivraj naik
Question is right if u are asking the presence of fever at any random time during illness.. In this case cerebral malaria can have hypothermia at a certain point. Rest of the infections, difficult to answer.
6 months ago
Danish Ramzan
6 months ago

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