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Posted On : 10 Apr 2016
one patient{12 yrs old female} came to us with headacke, dizziness, lightheadedness and episodes of hypotension
o, e she is completely normal except for hypotension.
ECG: sinus bradycardia, PR interval= 0.16, QT intervl= o.45 mm, echocardiography: normal.
CBC, chemistry: normal
waiting for TSH, FT4,CORTISOL and ACTH
what could be the other causes and investigations for her condition.
thank you
Expert Answer :
I can not explain her headache but her other symptoms may be related to a form fruste of vasovagal or neurocardiogenic presyncope. Common at this age due to high vagal tone. My feeling is, that all her investigations will be normal. You may consider doing a head up tilt test. I hope you have ruled out raised ICT.

Bharat Dalvi
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