Transposition of Great Arteries

Amar Taksande
Transposition of Great Arteries - Investigations
• Severe arterial hypoxemia with or without acidosis
• Hypoglycemia and hypocalcemia are rarely present
• Chest X-ray: Mild Cardiomegaly with narrow upper mediastinum with “Egg on side” appearance of the cardiac shadow (Due to anteroposterior relationship of the great arteries). Also there are increased pulmonary vascular markings.
• The electrocardiographic features are a rightward deviation of the QRS complex axis associated with right ventricular hypertrophy; biventricular hypertrophy is evident in conditions that lead to a left ventricular overload.
• Echocardiography: Demonstrate the abnormal vessels connections and associated abnormalities. In the parasternal long axis view, the arteries arising from the morphologically left ventricle has a posterior course and bifurcates immediately, being recognized as the pulmonary vessel. In parasternal short axis view shows the “Circle and Sausage” appearance of the normal great vessels is not visible instead, they appear as “Double Circles”. The pulmonary artery is in the centre and aorta is anterior and to the right of pulmonary artery.
• CT scan or MR imaging can give some additional details of some associated lesions.
• Prenatal diagnosis by Fetal echocardiography is possible and desirable, as it may improve and useful for the early neonatal management.

Transposition of Great Arteries Transposition of Great Arteries 06/28/2016
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