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Posted On : 17 Apr 2022
4-month baby with a fever, vesiculobullous necrotic extensive skin lesion appeared after penicillin group drug exposure healed with withdrawal again reappeared with exposure, cough, and tachypnea cxr showing viral per typical pneumonia, lab counts showing thrombocytosis, very high total counts showing clinical improvement after treating Linezolid and Vancomycin but cxr findings -no change with persistently elevated counts and thrombocytosis after one-month treatment.
Expert Answer :
Rule out atypical pneumonia such as mycoplasma or pertussis.
Answer Discussion :
Cristal Ann Laquindanum-Tan
staph pneumonia
1 month ago
Tichaenzana Maenzanise
Infectious mononucleosis
1 month ago
Infectios mononucleosis
1 month ago
abdalatif ragab
Kswaski disease is a probable diagnosis.
1 month ago
Badr Elshamy
infectious mononuvleosis
1 month ago

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