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Posted On : 15 May 2022
Frisium is an anticonvulsant? Why do some doctors advise to tapper Frisium before two years of the convulsion-free period?
Expert Answer :
Frisium is clobazam, an anticonvulsant of benzodiazepine class. The patient in the previous query was on valparin and Frisium so it is ok to wean one anticonvulsant if the patient is fully seizure-free and EEG is normalized, in certain seizure syndromes. The two-year cut-off is by convention and each case should be handled based on etiology, side effects, and seizure control so far.
Answer Discussion :
Sumo Bernard
Frisium (clozabam) is a benzodiazepine. The drug should be administered for a short period of time because prolonged use of the drug may lead to dependence on the medicine.
1 month ago
shaukat panjawani
Frisium should not be used as a prophylaxis for febrile seizures. Any AED given for epilepsy may have breakthrough seizures on sudden stoppage. So AED are withdrawn by reducing the dose gradually.
1 month ago
Waseem Rahman
Don't know
1 month ago

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