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Posted On : 05 Jun 2022
What is the clinical clinching point for enteric fever in the initial few days?
Expert Answer :
The gold standard is positive blood culture. The other tests are not confirmatory.
Answer Discussion :
Simran Kaur
in 1st few days it's fever and intoxication and dry cough, then rash,GIT symptoms in later days and last is complications
2 years ago
wegu gugesa
It cases have dengu,malariya,or thypoide, it has acute fberile infaction desease symptomes. cose of febrile have rapeture of RBC.
2 years ago
Tariq ahamad
relative bradycardia
2 years ago
. Merina Sabnam
2 years ago
Muhammad Wamiq
coated tongue
2 years ago

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