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Posted On : 08 May 2022
A ten years old boy is a case of GTCS with EEG changes. His convulsion are controlled on valparin and frisium. He has no convulsion for last one year. Can I try to tapper frisium?
Expert Answer :
If a repeat EEG is normal, you can wean Frisium slowly.
Answer Discussion :
BisharatAli Sahito
after 3 years free fit interval needed
2 years ago
EBi precious
I think it's better to wait. He clearly has his condition under control.

2 years ago
Kaneema Namagembe
since we consider stopping AEDs after 2 years of being seizure free... I think at this point we can consider tapering down the dose and observe
2 years ago
text .
2 years ago
Sarah Sai
yes you can tapper frisium
2 years ago

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