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Posted On : 28 Apr 2024
A 17-day healthy term neonate is having unconjugated S. bilirubin 11 total s .bilirubin 12.8. The neonate is breast feed. How to approach it?
Expert Answer :
First of all, you need to ensure that there are NO risk factors, No ABO incompatibility, Cephalohaematoma, etc. If everything is NORMAL, then you need to ensure that the baby is NOT hypothyroid and liver is NORMAL, and no evidence to suspect Extrahepatic Biliary atresia. If all that is negative, a diagnosis of Breast Milk Jaundice can be made which is a diagnosis of exclusion and doesn`t require any treatment.
Answer Discussion :
arunkumar chatterjee
possibly extended physiological jaundice ; however tsh should be done to exclude thyroid problem.
1 month ago
Dr.Chinmay Joshi
considering the day of life, Bilirubin levels and stable child , I would consider this as exaggerated physiological jaundice and will advice mother to continue breastfeeding.At the same time I will frequently follow up the child For any progression of jaundice.
1 month ago

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