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Posted On : 05 Sep 2019
Advise reg. treatment and follow up of a pt .fch, 12 yrs, with recurrent attacks of CARPOPEDAL SPASM, who is otherwise normal clinically and all investigations i.e. TC, DC, ESR, Hb, CRP, LFT, RFT, SERUM. El. Na, K, Ca, Mg, Cl, Hco3, U.S. Abd, C.T. Scan, all are normal.
But mother and grandmother used to get similar attacks and were not followed up.
Expert Answer :
Get her ionic calcium checked. Also, what is phosphorus and alkaline phosphatase? What is vitamin D levels and serum parathyroid levels? IF all is normal, do an EEG to rule out partial seizures.
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vit d deficiency
Unais Ahamed
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