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Posted On : 19 Sep 2019
What are the indications of CT Scan head in a suspected, proven case of bacterial meningitis?
Can a patient of suspected meningitis be treated without CT Scan?
Expert Answer :
In Uncomplicated acute pyogenic meningitis, it is not mandatory to do a neuroimaging of the brain. The definite indications are - focal seizures, focal deficits, no improvement sensorium and, or CSF in 48-72 hrs, immunocompromised patient, persistent signs of raised ICT. Cases of TB meningitis will need a CT as they have a higher incidence of infarcts and hydrocephalus.
Answer Discussion :
naveed anjum
indications are 1- if pt has complications of meningitis like Hydrocephalus or subdural Empyema.2- focal seizures 3-focal neurological Deficit..
2 years ago
to rule out raised intracranial pressure, before lumbar puncture
2 years ago
Bap Chelsy Cheung
yes, need to give empirical abx
2 years ago

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