Eugene L. Mahmoud
Kernicterus - Complications
Consequences of inadequate surveillance and health-care assessments continue to present challenges to clinicians and families as well as state and local health departments, years after occurrence of an extreme hyperbilirubinemia event. As a result of the bilirubin-induced toxicity, patients show a chronic disabling condition, characterized by choreoathetoid cerebral palsy, central neural hearing loss, palsy of the vertical gaze, and tooth enamel hypoplasia. Inappropriate and delayed use of healthcare resources to identify and manage infants at risk have led some families to resort to the medico-legal system to seek relief for their health-care burden. The medico-legal response of kernicterus provides the family limited and often inadequate compensation for their overall life-long health-care burden.

Kernicterus Kernicterus 02/13/2016
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