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Synonym :

Sodium Fluoride

Mechanism :

Sodium fluoride acts systemically before tooth eruption and topically post eruption, by increasing tooth resistance to acid dissolution, by promoting remineralization, and by inhibiting the cariogenic microbial process.

Indication :

  • Dental caries

Contraindications :

Contraindicated in areas where the drinking water exceeds 0.3 ppm F or more. These tablets should not be administered to pediatric patients under age of 3.

Dosing :

Oral drops and tablets:
Water fluoride conc <0.3 ppm (300 mcg/l):
Birth-6 months: None
6 months-3 years: 250 mcg F/day,
3-6 years: 500 mcg F/day,
Above 6 years: 1 mg F/day.
Doses are expressed as fluoride ion (F).
Water fluoride conc 0.3-0.6 ppm:
Birth-6 months: None
6 months-3 years: None
3-6 years: 250 mcg F/day,
Above 6 years: 500 mcg F/day.
Water fluoride conc >0.6 ppm:
No supplementation needed.

Adverse Effect :

Allergic rash, idiosyncratic reactions, white flecking of the teeth, brown cream discoloration in cases of overdose.

Interaction :

Calcium: Reduces absorption of fluorides.

Hepatic Dose :

No dosage adjustment is recommended.
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