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Posted On : 13 Aug 2023
A 2-year child has a habit of induced vomiting after taking meals. He is also failing to thrive. His weight is 6 kg. What could be the diagnosis and how should we manage it?
Expert Answer :
Rule out GER. Also, other causes of vomiting such as pyloric stenosis should also be ruled out.
Answer Discussion :
Shefu Mbandu
Bulimia Nervosa
1 month ago
hamdi erfan
Bulinia nervoss
1 month ago
Josephat Ndolle
Pdx. Cerebral Palsy.
Ddx. Birth Injury

1 month ago
Mammy Zuu
bulimia nervosa with severe malnutrition
1 month ago
Gideon Ouma
bulimia nervosa
1 month ago

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