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Posted On : 27 Aug 2023
A 13-year-old child presented with a fever of one-week duration. Received antibiotics from outside but the fever still persisted. typhoid and malaria were negative. Urine showed 8-10 RBC with 1 plus protein. USG showe da moderate splenomegaly. CBC showed a leucopenia of 2.8 with normal platelet count and hemoglobin with relative lymphocytosis. There was non-significant skin-coloured rash miliary in size over both the thighs which were itchy. After putting him on IV antibiotics the fever subsided in four days and the rash and splenomegaly decreased and counts started coming up. What is the diagnosis with the kind of presentation urine also got normal?
Expert Answer :
With fever, leucopenia, organomegaly, and rash, one should rule out enteric fever even if typhoid is negative. Blood culture will be useful. Rule out infectious mononucleosis and rickettsia.
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