Acute Hemolytic Jaundice - Blood Picture

Dr Ira Shah
Consultant Pediatrician, B.J.Wadia Hospital for Children, Mumbai, India
First Created: 03/06/2001 

The acute hemolytic crisis is seen in G-6-PD. deficiency, sickle cell disease, spherocytosis, mismatched transfusion and is characterized by elevation of bilirubin (unconjugated), LDH, HBDH & SGOT. There is no evidence of bile pigments in urine (acholuric jaundice).

HBDH 90 -220 IU/L     *
LDH 40-110 IU/L     *
SGOT 7-24 IU/L     *
TOTAL BILIRUBIN 0.2-1.0 mg/dl     *
CONJ. DIR. BILIRUBIN 0.1-0.6 mg/dl   *  
UNCONJ. BILIRUBIN 0.1-0.4 mg/dl     *
BLOOD UREA15-45 mg/dl   *  
S. CREATININE 0.5-1.5 mg/dl   *  
S.URIC ACID 2.1-7.4 mg/dl   *  
SODIUM 137-148 mEq/L   *  
POTASSIUM 3.5-5.6 mEq/L   *  
CHLORIDES 99-108 mEq/L   *  
BICARBONATE 23.7-31.4 mEq/L   *  
  A - Adult. C - Child,      

These normal laboratory values may slightly vary from laboratory to laboratory. Please consult your lab for the same.

Acute Hemolytic Jaundice - Blood Picture Acute Hemolytic Jaundice - Blood Picture 2001-03-06
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