Atrial Septic Defect

Neeraj Awasthy, Dinesh Singh Bhist
Atrial Septic Defect - Presentation
Normally, blood flows from RA ? RV ? PA ? PV ? LA ? LV ? AO ? IVC/SVC ? RA. In ASD blood shunts from LA ? RA because of higher LA pressure, Then RA, RV becomes overloaded over a period of 1 to 4 years. RA ? LA shunt will only occur if there is Tricuspid atresia / PAH / TAPVC. Bidirectional shunt will occur in (transposition of great vessels)TGA. In ASD with MS, RA, RV volume overload comes earlier.Note:- As ASD is a low pressure shunt unlike VSD, the clinical features appear late.

Usually symptoms appear in late childhood (> 4 years) or adolescence. In large ASD, symptoms have been seen at 1 year of age also. ASD is most common CHD in adults.

F:M = 2:1

Atrial Septic Defect Atrial Septic Defect 04/26/2016
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