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Retinoblastoma - Investigations
Retinoblastoma is diagnosed by examination of the eye under general anesthesia using an ophthalmoscope. Calcifications and vitreous seedings confirm the diagnosis of retinoblastoma. A MRI or CT scan should be done to check for intracranial extension of the disease. Routine bone marrow examination and CSF examination are not indicated except when suspicion of spread of tumor beyond the globe e.g. patients with abnormal CBC or extension of tumor beyond the lamina cribrosa on ophthalmologic examination.

A painless decreased vision with a white reflex must arouse suspicion of retinoblastoma. However , the closest differential is Coats's disease. This comprises of congenital retinal telangectasias, that exudate fluid and cholesterol causing retinal detachment with a yellowish -white tumor like appearance. Other differentials include cataract ,retinopathy of prematurity, persistant hyperplastic primary vitreous, toxocara granuloma, congenital coloboma, medullated nerve fibers, chronic endophthalmitis due to infection or trauma.

Retinoblastoma Retinoblastoma 01/03/2001
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