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Posted On : 25 Nov 2021
A 10-year boy is having a chronic cough. His throat Culture showed pseudomonas and sensitivity to Inj cefperazone. Does throat culture has any value in the case of chronic cough and the report of pseudomonas is correct?
Expert Answer :
The presence of pseudomonas in the throat culture in this child should be further investigated. Unless the child has had recent instrumentation of the airway eg intubation, a diagnosis of cystic fibrosis should be excluded in the assessment of the chronic cough.
Answer Discussion :
Ebtihal Khalid
pseudomonas infection has value if the pt is immune compromised
8 Days ago
Afaf Mustafa
there fire its presence is significant
9 Days ago
Afaf Mustafa
pseudomonas is common in immunocompromised patients
9 Days ago
In this case not
9 Days ago
Tanvi D
yes the throat culture is sensitive
9 Days ago

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