Truncus Arteriosus

Mossab Saeed
usually not specific and may show slight right axis deviation or biventricular hypertrophy

- Moderate cardiomegaly with pulmonary plethora
- Narrow superior mediastinum
- Right sided aortic arch in 20-40%

- is considered as gold standard in diagnosis and is sufficient to define the relevant anatomy for management planning

- For truncal valve usually assist in parasternal short axis with apical and subcostal views (for anatomy, valve regurgitation or stenosis)

- outlet ventricular septum

- origin of right and left pulmonary arteries via parasternal view

- Both coronary arteries need to be well examined for any associated anomalies

- Finally; examination of the aortic arch for sidedness and any anomalies (interrupted aortic arch) with focusing on suprasternal notch view.

- The need is limited to selective cases, specially late presenting patients.

- Mainly to determine the pulmonary bed resistance

- Rarely needed, but preserved for selective patient with unanswered questions from previous imaging modalities.

Truncus Arteriosus Truncus Arteriosus 05/08/2016
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