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Posted On : 11 Aug 2016
a 6 years old kid had history of fall from bed ,2 days after that started having fever and was unable to extend the left lower limb with decreased tone in right lower limb with pain over lumbosacral region and keeping his neck in stiff position.6 days after developed distension of abdomen with absent bowel sounds.usg done showed mild effusion on right side.the child was having respiratory distress.counts were 11900 ,p-46,l-54 with esr of 48.otherwise child is conscious alert. DTRwere not elicited and plantars were eqvivocal.neck stiffness was present which was looking somewhat voluntary.what is th diagnosis and management
Expert Answer :
Rule out meningitis and acute transverse myelitis especially TB. Get an MRI brain and spine before doing an LP.
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