Nipah virus Infection

Lavina Desai
MRI: The characteristic MRI abnormalities are multiple, small (less than 5 mm), asymmetric focal lesions in the subcortical and deep white matter without surrounding edema. These lesions most probably represent areas of micro-infarction that have also been observed on histopathology.

Shows continuous diffuse slow waves with or without periodic bitemporal independent sharp wave discharges.

ELISA: An IgM capture ELISA and an indirect IgG ELISA have high specificity for the diagnosis.

PCR : RT PCRs can be used for detection of viral sequences in fixed or fresh tissue or CSF diagnostic specimens or as an adjunct to the rapid characterization of viral isolates from cell culture.

Samples used for investigations include:
• Throat swab in viral transport medium
• Urine in universal sterile container (10 ml)
• Blood in plain vial (atleast 5 ml )
• CSF in sterile container (atleast 1ml )

Nipah virus Infection Nipah virus Infection 05/25/2018
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