Scrub Typhus

Ira Shah
Scrub Typhus - Introduction
Scrub typhus, also called Tsutsugamushi disease, is an acute infectious disease that is transmitted to humans by certain mites (chiggers). Recent outbreaks have been seen in India. The causative organism is Orientia (formerly Rickettsia) tsutsugamushi. Trombiculid mites (Leptotrombidium delinese & L. akamushi) serve as both reservoirs and vectors.

The basic pathologic process of scrub typhus is a perivasculitis of the small blood vessels analogous to the other rickettsial diseases. In addition, an eschar or necrotic inflammatory lesion develops at the site of the mite bite, with subsequent regional lymphadenopathy. General lymphadenopathy occurs commonly in scrub typhus but rarely or not at all in all other rickettsial diseases.

Scrub Typhus Scrub Typhus 01/02/2013
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