Nipah virus Infection

Lavina Desai
Management of Nipah virus is mainly supportive care and strict isolation of the infected patient. Mechanical ventilation for airway protection can be done in patients with neurological decline. In Malaysia , Aspirin and pentoxyfylline were administered for their anti-thrombotic properties as it was recognised that neurological symptoms could be due to thrombi. Ribavirin, a nucleoside analogue is also given empirically as it has a broad spectrum activity against RNA and DNA viruses.Since there is no specific treatment available yet, prevention is the mainstay of our approach.
• Avoid exposure to bats and sick pigs in endemic areas.
• Do not consume half eaten or bitten fruits,
• Do not consume new palm sap (palm toddy) contaminated with bat fluids. Bats are known to contaminate toddy kept in open containers with their saliva or urine.
• Especially if caring for a patient: Wash hands regularly, wear gown, mask, cap, gloves, whenever in contact with patient.
• Since it is a BSL 4 agent, universal standard droplet and biocontainment precautions should be followed during contact with secretions, excretions and body fluids of suspected patients.

Nipah virus Infection Nipah virus Infection 05/25/2018
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