Pankaj Satapathy(1), Kounaina K(2), Huded SP(2), Aishwarya T Devi(3), Avinash MG(4), Shubha Gopal(4), Nagendra Prasad MN(3), Sudarshan S(1), Sunil S More(1), Ravish H(5), Farhan Zameer(1)
Complications and myths involved with tetanus: The major complications is due to the self medication and high use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID). The misconception is also because of various myths associated among the layman. A few are mentioned in table 3.

Table 3: Popular myths and its reasons
Popular myths and its reasons
Myths Inference Reason
Can get tetanus from rusty nails False It can be transmitted only if the bacteria is present
Tetanus shot won’t help if already been cut or bitten False The spore takes time for germination
If puncture wound bleeds a lot no need for tetanus shot False Wounds does not flush out all the tetanus spores.
Tetanus is a mild disease False In generalized tetanus the death rate is about 10-20%
There are easy and non toxic ways to prevent tetanus True By using vaccines

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