Pankaj Satapathy(1), Kounaina K(2), Huded SP(2), Aishwarya T Devi(3), Avinash MG(4), Shubha Gopal(4), Nagendra Prasad MN(3), Sudarshan S(1), Sunil S More(1), Ravish H(5), Farhan Zameer(1)
Investigation and Diagnosis
Tetanus can be diagnosed through the symptoms. But along with symptomatic diagnosis, spatula test is used to confirm the diagnosis. Spatula test: It involves inserting a spatula into the back of the throat. In case of no infection, the spatula will cause a gag reflex and patient will try to push the spatula out of mouth. But if infection is positive then the spatula will cause throat muscle to spasm and bite down onto spatula.

Tetanus Tetanus 09/04/2018
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