Staphylococcal Scaled Skin Syndrome

Neha Bansal
Staphylococcal Scaled Skin Syndrome - Diffential Diagnosis
Bullous impetigo, chemical burns, drug or viral-induced toxic epidermal necrolysis, epidermolysis bullosa, bullous mastocytosis and neonatal pemphigus. (3)

S. aureus isolated from the skin lesions and blood samples & the exfoliative toxin can also be identified by various methods like the PCR, radioimmunoassay etc. (2, 3) A biopsy of the blister is one of the most definitive diagnostic tests in SSSS. (1) However, this is not always possible due to limited availability of the tests and the time consuming factor. So, the diagnosis is often clinical and confirmation is made after favorable response to anti-staphylococcal medications. (1, 2)

Staphylococcal Scaled Skin Syndrome Staphylococcal Scaled Skin Syndrome 01/10/2013
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